This is the time a lot of us take a deep breath, reflect on the season of racing, and transition to different strength based movements and revert back to maintenance riding with differing slow cadence work outs.

There are many ways to approach this, and no one right answer.  I found a method which has worked well for me the last 3 years, and I am happy to share it in the hopes that it at least gives us a place to share ideas and pick eachother’s brains.

I do circuit type training with only 5 second rests between each exercise.

Weeks 1  – Light weight.  1 set of 10 basic exercises of varying reps:

15 push-ups

10 jumping pull-ups

10 should presses 25lb dumbbells

15 squats body weight

15 lunges for each leg

15 sit-ups

50 Jump ropes

15 Deadlifts 65lbs

30 sec. plank

Week 2 – 2 sets adding exercises, increasing reps

15 push-ups

10 jumping pull-ups

15 squats with dumbbells

15 shoulder presses

75 jump ropes

10 jumping burpies

20 sit-ups

20 lunges (each leg)

15 Dead lifts 90lbs

1 min plank


Weeks 3-4 I’ll add a 3rd or 4th set

and include box jumps last,  they are explosive and can strain the hip flexors if introduced to early.

I’ll also vary the sit-up to include leaning back on a big exercise ball, push-ups with rings, etc.  these help with the stabilizing muscles and help build the core too.

Weeks 5-6 I go to heavy weights, less reps, 20-30 seconds between sets and only 1 round.

What is your plan this “off-season”?



  1. Whiskers

    What do you do for core? I know there is a lot of different exercises, but I really need to settle on something. Anything you have to share would be great so I can make it part of my routine.

  2. OB1

    I think it’s good to incorporate a static, up/down, and rotational exercise.

    1. STATIC: basic planks are a great start on elbow and toes and hold for 30 sec for first week.
    b) move up to a minute and do multiple sets c) rotate to each side and hold 20 sec. d) lift one leg then the other e) lift one arm and opposite leg and switch.

    2.UP/DOWN: Sit-ups knees bent and feet secured. I place towel under lower back and try to maintain posture all the way up to touching where feet are secured. a) 15 reps to start first week b) I then move up to 25 reps c) sitting on large exercise ball and leaning back I touch ground and lift back up. scissor kicks I do 25-30 and week after week build to 100.

    3. ROTATIONAL: start with just arms extended first week and rotate so left arm is in front then right arm in front keeping arms straight b) barbell on shoulders I rotate the same way.
    I’ve got more if ideas if anyone needs them.

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