It’s one of the most asked question: do shaved legs really help you go faster? As guys, we make a lot of excuses as to why we shave our legs, from it makes massages easier (even though we don’t get massages), to it being easier to deal with road rash when we crash. (Is frequent crashes a problem?)

Specialized’s, Mark and Chris broke out the razors and got down to the follicle level to find out if hair-free legs truly are dangerously fast legs. Guess what they found? Shaved legs are more aero and can save you 80 seconds over 40km! Yes, you read that correctly, that is nearly 1.5 minutes over 40km, or 25 miles.

There it is boys, shave your legs, save watts and go faster for the cost of a razor. This seems like a more frugal way to gain speed over a giving up a kidney for a new aero bike and some high-end carbon wheels. Nah, we have an extra kidney, get another bike.


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