About Our Team

Revs Road Race is excited to announce a new partnership with Kinetic Cycles!

In 2013, Revs Road Race was born from Team Revolutions under the careful guidance and leadership of Mike Beretta founder/owner of Revolutions Cycling-Team Revolutions and Beretta Physical Therapy. Up to this point Revs Road Race has grown and functioned under the umbrella of Revolutions Cycling and Team Revolutions. Revs Road Race has continued to grow and and has become a contender on the NCNCA Race scene while staying true to our core values of teamwork and having fun on the bikes.

2017 is bringing change, as Mike Beretta is shifting more focus on Beretta Physical Therapy, EDH Bike Fitting and most importantly, his family. He has ensured Revs Road Race will continue on its positive trajectory.

Kinetic Cycles has been a sponsor and supporter of Revs Road Race since our inception and we are excited to continue to grow our successful relationship. We are being welcomed into the Kinetic Cycles family as we move Revs Road Race under the umbrella of Kinetic Cycles; the transition has been seamless. We looking forward to the 2017 race season and proud to be racing as Revs Road Race powered by Kinetic Cycles.